St. Paul Prep International Potluck

St. Paul Preparatory held its first annual International Potluck this last Friday. It was a huge success! Well over a hundred SPP students, staff and families came together to share a meal. We heard a wonderful performance by the choir. Many students were honored for their participation and achievements in clubs and activities.

The food was surely the most diverse in potluck fare this side of the Atlantic (or Pacific.) Some memorable dishes included several different varieties of fried rice, fried plantains with bean paste, Haitian meatballs, sushi, wild rice casserole, homemade humus, Cuban chili, curry dishes and potato pancakes.

Here’s what some attendees had to say about the event:

Nice space to have a gathering. The singing was terrific! And the food, of course, was delicious. – Jim Walker, teacher

It was a wonderful evening spent recognizing our students, talking with their parents and host parents, and sharing foods of our different cultures. I give it an A+. – Peggy Spurgeon, teacher

It was nice to see all of the families get together for this event and the wide variety of food was awesome! – Meredith Arbuckle

The potluck was a great success. I was able to try all sorts of foods that I have never had before from all around the world without even leaving the building. The event was so well attended and I was glad for the chance to hang out with students and host families in a more casual setting. – Kara Redding, teacher

It was a wonderful evening full of great international food, entertainment and the opportunity to spend time talking with students, faculty and parents. – Cathy Bauman

The first-ever potluck was a very enjoyable event. The setting was very pleasant, and there was a great variety of food to enjoy! We thought it was great having the choir perform, and seeing all of the students who had been active in extracurricular activities get recognized was terrific! – Teresa and Mark Manzella

Fantastic array of global cuisine — not your typical Minnesota pot-luck fare! – Jon Gamble

It was a smashing success – so upbeat and chatty! And so many unique and fascinating foods presented by students, some shyly beaming over them as though they were little art treasures, which they were. Wish I had had room to sample them all! The program had just the right amount of entertainment and the awards were a nice touch. – Seaneen Brennan

We are already looking forward to the second annual International Potluck!

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