St. Paul’s Lowertown is a Cultural Hotspot

St. Paul Preparatory School is located in the heart of St. Paul’s Lowertown neighborhood. Recently, the Star Tribune newspaper described Lowertown as a boomtown of arts, culture, and eateries – “one of the hottest destinations in the metro area.”

St. Paul Preparatory School is located in Lowertown's beautiful Cray Plaza, as seen here from Mears Park.
St. Paul Preparatory School is located in Lowertown’s beautiful Cray Plaza, as seen here from Mears Park.

“Once a sleepier part of town, Lowertown has burst onto the urban scene in recent years with new apartments and condos, music festivals, bars and restaurants. The 58 city-built luxury rental Lofts at Farmers Market were fully leased even before the building’s grand opening. In the next couple of years, the Central Corridor light-rail line will be rolling into a busy, remodeled Union Station. More city-built apartments, a Lunds grocery store and a new city park are planned. The biggest prospective coming attraction is a Saints ballpark that would play host to an anticipated 150 events a year, drawing up to 7,000 people each time.” – Star Tribune

Read the full article: St. Paul’s Lowertown has gotten hot without losing its charm by Rochelle Olson , Star Tribune

A few highlights of St. Paul’s Lowertown:

  • Eating is at the top of most students’ lists and there are plenty of places in St. Paul to eat on a budget, dine in style, or sample something amazing from one of the roaming seasonal food trucks.
  • Mears Park is a lovely oasis right outside St. Paul Prep. It is a great place to eat lunch, sit in the sunshine, and hear live music.
Mears Park is in St. Paul Prep's backyard.
Mears Park is in St. Paul Prep’s backyard.
Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary
  • Minnesota winters are best embraced rather than merely survived. The St. Paul Winter Carnival has been getting people outside for winter fun for 125 years. There are January/February winter events throughout St. Paul, including parades, races, snow & ice sculptures, a medallion hunt and more.
  • The St. Paul Farmers Market isn’t just about vegetables – it’s a fun place to hang out on weekends. Chow down on fresh spring rolls or donuts while listening to live music every weekend April-November. It’s a great place to meet friends for a little shopping and meet a slice of Minnesota…located just a few blocks from St. Paul Prep.
Fountain sculpture at Cray Plaza where St. Paul Prep is located.
Detail of Bernie Quick’s (1912-1981) mural “North Star” which is located inside the YMCA entrance of Cray Plaza.
Steamboats docked in St. Paul, 1858         source

These are just a few of the things to do in St. Paul Prep’s neighborhood. What are your favorite hot spots in Lowertown?


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