Meet Our Staff: Jennifer Bratulich

The teachers and staff members at St. Paul Preparatory share a love of cultures and education. We come from diverse backgrounds and share our unique talents and experiences with our school community. We truly care about our students and take joy in helping them reach their full potential.

Meet Jennifer Bratulich from our Admissions Department.

Staff Profile, Jennifer Bratulich

Admissions Director


  • Favorite movie: Back to the Future
  • Favorite book: The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • Favorite color: Green
  • Favorite food: Mexican

Why do you like working in Admissions?

I get to meet the students, either in person or via their application before anyone else! I have the privilege of creating a great first impression of who we are and representing SPP well – and I have the first impression of the students who choose to apply.

What do you do when you’re not working at SPP?

Spend time with my kids, husband and friends.

How did you spend your summer?


Where is the best place you’ve ever lived or visited and why?

Lived: Granada, Spain – because it was an adventure every day in all aspects: personally, academically and socially. Visited: Florence, Italy – because it is a gift — in its beauty, history, people, food, all things wonderful.

If you could give one piece of advice about life, what would it be?

Love deeply.

What’s something you’re planning to do this school year?

Appreciate the small things.

What do you find fascinating?

Time. It is fascinating for me to think about time – past, present and future. How the thing that is probably most real (scientifically speaking) is the future. However it is the past, which no longer exists, that feels most real because it is now a part our memory (which is subjective in and of itself, and therefore probably not as accurate as we might think it is.) So interesting.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do there?

I would skydive in New Zealand.

If you weren’t teaching, what job would you want?

Psychologist/Life Coach

Have you ever experienced culture shock? When and how did you deal with it?

Yes, in Spain. I felt completely out of my element. I knew even less Spanish that I thought I did and felt like I would never be able to communicate or create relationships with anyone because of my inability to speak and express myself.  So, I studied – a lot – the first 1.5 months in order to increase my knowledge and ability to speak in Spanish so that I could engage in classes and the culture more comfortably. I also spent a lot of time at internet cafes and starting dating a Spaniard. That helped.

Tell me something interesting or unique about yourself.

I was raised on a farm in North Dakota – I tend to not give off the “I’m from a farm” vibe.

Learn more about Ms. Bratulich and St. Paul Preparatory Faculty and Staff.


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