Meet Our Faculty: Sarah McFarland

The teachers and staff members at St. Paul Preparatory share a love of cultures and education. We come from diverse backgrounds and share our unique talents and experiences with our school community. We truly care about our students and take joy in helping them reach their full potential.

Meet Sarah McFarland from our English Department.

Faculty Profile, Sarah McFarland

English Department

Ms. McFarland

  • Favorite movie: I truly don’t watch many movies…
  • Favorite book: No way to pick just one…  The Book Thief, The Mists of Avalon, Dune, Prodigal Summer, The Percy Jackson series
  • Favorite color: Orange!  Like the color of pumpkins and Fall leaves…and my dining room!
  • Favorite food: Cream chicken & biscuits (Mom’s recipe), toffee bars (also, Mom’s recipe), spinach/onion/pepperoni/pepperoncini pizza

What do you do when you’re not working at SPP?

I enjoy playing the Irish field sport of hurling.  This is my 5th year playing, and I typically play a full-back or center half-back position.  I was a member of the team who won the North American Hurling Championship in 2011 (which was very cool!) in San Francisco.

I’m married and have two children (a daughter and a son).  We play many sports, read a ton of books, love being outdoors, go camping as often as possible, and spend many hours cooking and baking in the kitchen.  We are a very busy family, but we do almost everything together, so it’s always fun!

How did you spend your summer?

I am a supervisor in a salmon processing plant in Bristol Bay, Alaska for five weeks during the summers.  I first went to Alaska after my Junior year of college and fell completely in love with the job and the beautiful state (and my husband!).  I highly recommend visiting if you get a chance!

I spent the rest of my summer just hanging out and relaxing with my family.  It was very calm and peaceful…

Where is the best place you’ve ever lived or visited and why?

My husband and I honeymooned in London which was amazing!  We saw some fantastic shows, walked all over the place, and thoroughly enjoyed being together and in love.  Totally cheesy!

I also spent a month during college taking a politics and religion course in Ireland.  I found the class to be incredibly interesting and the political unrest at the time to be eye-opening, as a small-town Minnesota girl.

And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I love Alaska.  I love, love, love, love it.  I would move there in a heartbeat…

If you could give one piece of advice about life, what would it be?

Go away from home for college.

What do you find fascinating?

Snow!  It’s one of my favorite things in the world! I could spend hours watching it…

If you weren’t teaching, what job would you want?

Auto mechanic.  Seriously.  I love working on cars and getting greasy!

Learn more about Ms. McFarland and St. Paul Preparatory Faculty and Staff.


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