Students Engage in the Art Community

Ms. Woolever-Martinez shares a story of her students fully engaging in the art community and their recognition of the value of art and education


We are so fortunate to live in a community that values the arts! After all, Minneapolis is ranked the #2 city in the United States for the arts – next to NYC. This year we have had students visit the Weisman, attend National Portfolio Day at the Walker, get tours at the MIA and attend evening and weekend classes at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design).

Another great way for our students to take art classes is through the Community Education classes offered in the metro area during the evenings. Instructors are more than excited to have high school students sign up and the price is always reasonable! Most recently, we had a group of students attend a Community Ed class at Southwest High School in Minneapolis. I was also interested so I decided to tag along. It was a drawing class about the art style of Zentangles. Upon walking in, I believe the other students (who were mostly middle-aged women) were shocked to see such a herd of high school students interested in taking an extra evening class. It was a great social opportunity for our students as well as the other community members involved. The adult students were very interested in our students and had great conversations about their unique backgrounds and our distinctive school.


I could not be more proud of our students here at SPP. They gave such great efforts and continue to push themselves as great artists. The adults in this class were equally as impressed with our students’ manners and art skills and their understanding of the value of education. After the class, I received an email from our instructor saying what a joy our students were and she hopes we come back for more art classes soon. Our students are working hard and are learning to take great opportunities and make them into wonderful learning experiences as well as fun memories!

-Kate Woolever-Martinez, Art Teacher

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