Your Next Travel Destination Doesn’t Have to Be Abroad

Turkey, Italy, United Kingdom and China may be some of the top travel destinations in the world, but you can find wonder and beauty right in your own backyard. The rest of the world tends to feel the same. According to the International Trade Commission in 2013 69.8 million individuals from Canada to Australia traveled to the United States to see our nation’s wonders and to experience our culture.

Top travel destinations for international travelers, according to the International Business Times where:

  1. New York, New York
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. Orlando, Florida
  4. Miami, Florida
  5. Los Angles, California
  6. San Francisco, California
  7. Honolulu, Hawaii
  8. San Diego, California
  9. Chicago, Illinois
  10. Washington, D.C.
  11. Boston, Massachusetts
  12. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  13. Seattle, Washington
  14. Newark, New Jersey
  15. Anaheim, California
  16. Houston, Texas
  17. Lake Buena Vista, Florida
  18. San Antonio, Texas
  19. New Orleans, Louisiana
  20. Hollywood, California

All 20 of these places are known for their breath-taking views and tourist attractions. However, we feel that many of the best travel destinations in the United States are being overlooked by our international visitors. Here we compile a list of OUR top 10 travel destinations in the U.S.

  1. Yosemite National Park, California – There’s a reason why this national park is one of the most popular parks in the U.S. With breathtaking views, a 620 foot waterfall and great hiking trails this park is a must see for both domestic and international visitors.
  2. Flagstaff, Arizona – There is anything but dry, flat lands in these parts of Arizona. Flagstaff is one of the top skiing destinations in the United States and has the largest contiguous pine forest in the country.
  3. Twin Cities, Minnesota – The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, are packed full of attractions and restaurants that will keep any traveler busy during their stay. From the Mall of America to the Sculpture Garden (Home of the Giant Spoon and Cherry) the Twin Cities has attractions for everyone from the art lover to the sports fanatic.
  4. Madison, Wisconsin – Madison tends to get the bad rep of being only a college town. However, this city has a lot more to offer than university bookstores and coffee shops. With a large farmers market, a variety of restaurants and an array of concerts and events Madison is sure to be a memorable trip.
  5. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – This national park houses the largest supervolcano on the continent. Yellowstone Lake is also home to one of the largest high altitude lakes in North America. However, Yellowstone is most famous for its geyser, Ole Faithful.  Yellowstone also has a variety of plants and animals that one can view on the variety of hiking trails and camping locations throughout the park.
  6. Joshua Tree National Park, California – I mean, U2 did name an album after the place. Joshua Tree is known for its vast amount of desert land, rock formations, and it’s split ecosystem due to elevation variations. This place is a dream for those who love to hike, camp and rock climb.
  7. Denver, Colorado – Just like the Twin Cities, Denver is one of those cities that gets overlooked by many international and American travelers. Denver has a lot to offer: art museums, national parks, Union Station, and it is now the beer capital of the west (for all you 21+ travelers).
  8. St. Louis, Missouri – The Midwest tends to get overlooked by travel goers, but St. Louis should make people stand up and pay attention. First off there is the Gateway Arch, standing at 630 feet you can ride to the top of this stainless steel monument. Add on the amusement parks, the St. Louis Zoo, sculpture gardens, multiple eating establishments, and multiple automobile museums you can see why St. Louis is the gateway to the west.
  9. Portland, Oregon – Portland may be known for its “weirdness,” but that’s what gives this city its charm. Portland is an environmentally conscious city with lots of farmers markets and bicyclists on the road. Account for the food courts, the expansive art scene and the funky neighborhoods this is bound to be a unique travel experience.
  10. Nashville, Tennessee – With the nickname “Music City” can you go wrong?

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