My preparation as an international student (Pt.2)

By: Julie Chau Pham

Part 2: Saying the hardest words.

Three months before my big day – the flights to the US. I had to do a lot of preparing. I needed to get all of my clothes ready, winter clothes, especially. I needed to get the VISA to enter the US. I needed to get a make over for a new fresh start. Basically, a lot of preparing. I was swamped the entire summer with work for this life transition. Of course, I spared some of the time to visit my classmates before I left. I also spared a little of my time to revisit my beautiful memories for the last three years with them.

My friends thought my going to the US was a joke, or it was just a plan for the future, but they were surprised by how early and rush it was for me to leave. They asked me so much about why it had to be so rush? Why now? And why couldn’t I stayed just a little longer? I was a little emotional about how they were so worried and sad. “You know, sometimes, things have to fall apart to make way for better things.” – I said with a hint of smile while they are all over me with unanswered questions.

They bursted in of tears and hugged me, and I awkwardly gave them pats on their shoulder. I just didn’t know what to do or expect. I mean I have been with my friends for three years long, that’s actually the longest time I stayed in the same school. Leaving to go aboard is hard, you will miss out on a lot, and no matter how much you tries to hold on, it’s actually already gone.

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“Memories are the most the most precious thing you could ever have”

“It’s not like I’m gone forever or anything, no matter where I go, this is going to sounds cheesy, but I’m with you, in your heart. Whatever you guys need, I will try my best to make it happen. Okay?” – My eyes wanted to be Niagara fall. Saying goodbye is not easy, not at all, but moving forward is also a part of growing up.



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