My Preparation as an International Student (pt.4 – final)

By: Julie Chau Pham

Part 4: It starts here

After 20 hours of flying around, I’ve arrived at Minneapolis International Airport. I felt kind of excited, dizzy, and  maybe a little sleepy. My friends and I walked to the baggage claim area, looking for our belongings. When all of the sudden, people with big poster of our names on them arrived. We stood there with confusion and awkwardly hug people who we hardly knew.

“Hi!! I’m going to be your host mom! Welcome to America!”

Turned out we were suppose to have our host parents picked us up from the Airport and take care of us for the rest of the year. My host mom, who is luckily a teacher from SPP, came in the Airport with my Chinese roommate to bring me home. Both were very friendly and welcoming, they made me feel like this was home.

On the way home, my host mom asked: “ Are you hungry honey? We could get you something?” Finally, we decided my first meal in the US is going to be at Taco Bell, very interesting. I forgot to mention that my host mom has a huge dog! Her dog ate half of my taco, but the half I got to try was great. When we arrived home, I unpacked my suitcases and went straight to bed even though it was just 7:00pm  because I was so tired. But I woke up at 5:30 in the morning because of universal reason for every international students, jet lag. The sun rise in our backyard was gorgeous though. My host mom made us breakfast with bacon, pancakes and omelet eggs. That hint of spice and onion just woke us up with energy right away. Our home was a bit far away at the time and we won’t be moving until 3 weeks later after; so our awesomely nice host mom drove us to school and taught us at school too. I have to admit, I was very lucky to be in a great environment.

part 4

The day came in with orientation day at school, we got in groups, went through school rules and walked around the school with new friends. They were from around the world and best of all, friendly and interesting. We all sat around and have lunch with each other, talked about the diversity of culture. By the end, my host mom drove us back home for dinner and some goodnight rest for more amazing days. It was a great day for my first step as an international student; I will never forget this wonderful day.

part 42.jpg


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