SPP Journalism: Why Students Chose U.S.

These articles were written by St. Paul Prep’s Journalism class.

SPP Students Chose U.S for a Variety of Reasons

International students at St. Paul Prep have moved to the United States in recent years thanks to various exchange organizations in their home countries in order to alter their routine, explore a new culture, and expand their educational opportunities.

According to the majority of the students interviewed, the primary factor that attracted their attention to this specific country began with their interest in an enhanced educational system.

“The school’s operational method here, where you can choose classes, is way better than the Spanish one,” Spanish junior Xurxo R. said. “I’d prefer to pick advanced math classes such as A.P Calculus and general history classes rather than religion because they contribute to my future career.”

But selecting their own courses is not the only educational reason behind their journey here. Other students sought to experience the American academic system because it opens more doors for them later on.

“My country is still in [a] war zone, and our education system is not good enough for me to fulfil my dream,” Afghan junior Mushtaq W. said. “I wanted to have a strong educational background to be able to go to U.S university for a better future, and then go back with full energy to serve my country.”

Just like Mushtaq, other students traded the situation in their home country for a more prosperous and calm habitat in America.

“I always wanted to escape bad transportation in Thailand, and I also hate to see Thai people fight each other, and I hate bad governments that corrupt the country and people,” Thai junior Krissada “Mix” H. said.

Students also agreed that they came here in search of a more challenging environment that would allow them to experience the world by themselves.

“Before, I always had everything pretty much ready to go,” Italian senior Roberto R. said. “I thought that if I truly wanted to see if I could manage my own way, I wanted to go to a completely different place with a totally new stimulus, where the survival and social aspect would almost be entirely on me.”

Increased independence played a role as well in the decision-making process. This autonomy encouraged Jeanne A., a senior from France who began her adventure at SPP two years ago, to step out of the ordinary and relocate to St. Paul, Minnesota.

“It was time for me to leave home and get more independent while [getting to know] a new country,” Jeanne said. “I wanted to alter my routine and surround myself with minds that worked differently than mine.”

But what students enjoy the most during their time in America, more than a good education, new challenges and independence, is the opportunity to expanding their horizons by learning about a new culture and different perspectives.

“I love diversity and learning from different cultures around the world,” Mushtaq said. “While being here I can learn different perspectives which can shape my personality.”


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