About SPP


St. Paul Preparatory School prepares our international student body for success in a global society by offering a college preparatory education, comprehensive English language instruction and cultural exchange opportunities.


St. Paul Preparatory School | 380 Jackson Street, Suite 100 | St. Paul, MN  55101

Main Office: 651-288-4606 | Admissions: 651-288-4610 | Fax: 651-288-4616

Email: information@stpaulprep.org | Website: www.stpaulprep.org

Program Overview

St. Paul Preparatory School (SPP) offers students a unique educational experience through every facet of our program. Students come to SPP to prepare for their futures while learning more about the world, and ultimately themselves.

Our curriculum provides students with quality, college preparatory academics and enrichment through the arts and physical education. Our classes are taught from a culturally relativistic perspective and take advantage of the wealth of diversity within our student body.

Through our course offerings, we meet the educational needs of a wide range of students from those with limited English ability to those requiring substantial academic rigor. As an added benefit, SPP students may be eligible to enroll in university courses during their 11th and 12th grade years.

SPP teachers share a passion for working with students from around the world. Our small classes allow us to provide students with individualized instruction. The majority of our faculty members hold a Master’s degree or higher, and many have professional career experience beyond the classroom. We truly care about the well-being of our students and offer them a safe, supportive and nurturing environment in which to learn.

We seek to provide students with opportunities for the development of self-awareness, social consciousness, leadership skills and creativity through our enrichment activities, clubs and study abroad programs. We also recognize the importance of providing our students with an enjoyable and memorable high school experience, and promote positive interaction through field trips, dances and other social events. Students are encouraged to take an active role in shaping the culture and climate of SPP, ensuring that it is a comfortable place to grow and learn.


St. Paul Preparatory School opened its doors in September of 2003 with 24 students from 10 different countries. Since then, our student population has grown to over 200 students each year, representing more than 47 countries worldwide.

SPP was created by Nacel Open Door, Inc. for the purpose of bringing students together from around the globe for a unique and challenging educational experience. Nacel Open Door, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting international understanding and language education. It provides intercultural learning opportunities to high school students around the world. More than 2,000 students are involved in Nacel Open Door exchanges each year.

Nacel Open Door is a member of Nacel International, a confederation of partner organizations whose goal is to promote Nacel programs worldwide. Drawing upon its expertise in student exchange, Nacel Open Door turned its vision of a truly international high school into reality.


St. Paul Preparatory School is located in downtown St. Paul, the capitol city of the state of Minnesota.  Our facilities in Cray Plaza include classrooms, a computer lab, administrative offices, and a student commons. Students also have the opportunity to use local St. Paul amenities, including the YMCA for fitness and athletics, the city libraries for research, and local theaters for performing arts, as well as nearby foodcourts.

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are located on opposite banks of the Mississippi river. Together, the metropolitan area is home to approximately 2.8 million people. The cities are known as the cultural center of the upper Midwest and are home to countless artistic, recreational, and educational opportunities. Residents enjoy the conveniences of urban city life in a beautiful, natural setting. Lakes, parks, and riverside trails are abundant throughout the metropolitan area.

Twin Cities area attractions

The Twin Cities are also home to many professional sports teams including the Vikings (football), Timberwolves (basketball), Lynx ( basketball), Twins (baseball), Wild (ice hockey), MN United (soccer), and Swarm (lacrosse).

A center of industry and technology, the headquarters of many multi-national corporations are located throughout the metropolitan area including Target, Cargill, 3M, General Mills, Best Buy, and Lawson Software.

The climate in spring, summer and fall is generally mild. The winter can be cold and snowy, but residents enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, snowshoeing and ice fishing during these months.


Cray Plaza in downtown St. Paul is the home of St. Paul Preparatory School.  The school is housed in a self contained, first and second floor space, with class-rooms, a computer lab, office space, student activity space, storage, glassed-in hallways and our own lobby and entry way.

St. Paul Preparatory School has access to the onsite conference center and theatre, and an in-building food court and YMCA (for our sports programs). Our convenient downtown location allows us to take full advantage of the educational and cultural activities the city of Saint Paul has to offer.

Learn more: http://www.stpaulprep.org/

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