Math Club Ranks 3rd at Meet #4

Jim Walker gives a glimpse into the team’s fourth Math Meet


A lovely, warm day to wait for the bus and make our way to Johnson High School for the fourth meet of the season. Due to the weather delays, not all of the teams were in attendance – most significantly Cretin Derham Hall (currently in third place). We also were missing one of our students, so while other teams were competing with a full roster of eight members, we were only able to arrive with 6 members.

The fourth competition is typically more difficult, covering conic sections and series, both finite and infinite. Our preparation had been greatly shortened thanks to finals and cold days, but everyone determined to do their best.

The first test saw SPP only 1 point behind Highland, having bested powerhouse Central. Test two saw SPP stumble, scoring only 4 points while the others were seeing double digit returns. Test three SPP picked itself back up again, and though test four was also a slight stumble, we were in a good position going into the team event.

The team event was a difficult one, with powerful Central only scoring 8 points. SPP managed to squeak out 4 points, which was enough to preserve its third place for the meet – however, Cretin Derham Hall has not reported it’s scores yet, so we will have to wait and see if we are still alive for a third place finish on the season.

– Jim Walker, Math Teacher, Math Club Advisor

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Math Team Scores a Third Place Finish

Our third event of the season was held at Cretin Derham Hall on Monday, December 16. The team gathered at the front of SPP then we rushed out in the gently falling snow to catch our bus. It was one of our longer rides and on the way, team members studied their worksheets on basimals (fractions written in different bases – one of this year’s challenge topics).


We have been competing with only 7 team members this season rather than the allowed 8 – we have only one underclassperson on the team instead of the allowed two. This has worked to our disadvantage in the first two meets; despite a good effort from all involved, we were only able to finish 5th both times. For this meet, however, we leapt into second place after the first event, only one point behind Central High School. The second event was also a good one for us, as we scored better than most of the teams. We only had two members competing in the third event (normally a team is allowed four), but even with this small contingent, we managed not to lose too much ground. Our fourth event was also strong, and we went into the team event in a good position. The team event was difficult, but the team pulled through with 4 out of 6 for 16 more points, and a third place finish.

This leaves us in 5th place for the season, but with the opportunity to finish third overall if we continue to perform well for the last two meets. Everyone left with a renewed sense of purpose and are expecting to study hard (in between finals) for the last two meets.

– Jim Walker, Math Teacher, Math Team Adviser

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