Does Travel Make You More Employable?

Could traveling internationally before starting your job hunt help you land your dream job? Travel Expert and founder of World Travel List, Nicolas Kontis, says absolutely in his recent article with The Huffington Post. After taking a backpacking trip around the world Kontis arrived back in the states and started his own travel agency. After becoming his own boss he sought to hire other individuals who had world travel experience as well. Why?

  1. You become more sociable and adaptable while traveling. “It turns every introvert into an extrovert,” states Kontis.
  2. You learn to think on your toes and interact with a array of individuals from different backgrounds.
  3. Travel helps make you a well rounded person.
  4. Lastly, traveling makes you more open minded and tolerant.

Just another reason to pack your suitcases. With so many travel opportunities for young adults (study abroad programs, mission trips, exchange programs) it has never been easier to get an international traveler status that could make you a front runner in the business world.

Carpe Diem indeed!

To view Nicolas Kontis’s full article click here.