Students Work Hard and Play Hard in Orlando

Eight SPP students, two Staples students, and three chaperones flew to Orlando, Florida over spring break to complete several service projects and tour Disneyworld and Universal Studios. St. Paul Prep students Tanisa, Malcolm, Arthur, Wendy, Lena, Leticia, Rosan, and Ani joined forces with Alexandra and Catalina, Nacel Open Door students from Staples MN, to complete several volunteer service days including one day at Orlando’s Second Harvest Food Bank. There they worked diligently to sort and pack ten thousand pounds of frozen foods to be distributed to local and regional food banks, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens. A second day of service saw the students sorting household items for distribution at Orlando Mustard Seed to families who have experienced the loss of their homes or jobs or other personal tragedies. A third day of service allowed students to sort and organize various soap products donated from Myriad Hotels for recycling and distribution to children and families all over the US and the world to fight waterborne diseases that take the lives of so many children each day.

Wendy and Lena sorting frozen foodsWhile service projects were an important part of the group’s spring break experience, creating some fun tourist destination memories was also an integral goal of the trip. Consequently, students met many Disney characters at Magic Kingdom, toured the World Showcase at Epcot Center, swam in the Atlantic Ocean at New Smyrna Beach, and spent a day marveling at Universal’s popular Islands of Adventure. All in all, these 10 students and their chaperones all agreed that Orlando, Florida is a great place to spend a week of spring break, whether volunteering to a good cause or creating some magical memories at popular tourist destinations.

-Wanda Ostlund, English Teacher, Trip Coordinator & Chaperone

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Tanisa and others sorting SPP Service Group at Second Harvest 3 27 2014 photo 3

Robotics’ “Puppy Dog Program”

Robotics class has been working hard at finishing their robot. With only six weeks to design, build and test a robot, students have been staying late into the night to finish their creation.

The Robotics Competition is March 27-29 at Williams Arena on the U of M campus. The competition game this year involves picking up, passing and shooting a two foot yoga ball. This presented the students with many challenges, but they were able to work through them all and finish on time. One of the most fun problems to solve was to come up with the name of the robot… so the students decided on “Sir RC Swaggerdee III.” The programming team is still working hard to ensure a fully operational robot. They have developed code for the robot to follow a red ball and any student wearing red. They call it the “Puppy Dog” program.

-Dan Forseth, Robotics Teacher/Advisor

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