A Student Glimpse into a Lunar New Year

An SPP Student tells of his traditions back home for the Lunar New Year:


“Back home we play with firecrackers/fireworks on the last day of January. You have food with your own family; every family member should be together. After that day, we will visit [our relatives]. Children usually get red envelopes ‘Hong Bao’ with money in them. They give this money [in a red] because in the ancient times they believed there is a monster that is afraid of big noise and anything that is red. The monster is called “Nian,” the meaning of this is “year.” When the Nian got away that signified that the year has passed and it will be a new year.

This year here in America, he celebrated very differently…

“First we went to the Mall of America. Then with my friends we had a big dinner at the Grand Sichuan, there were 28 Chinese students from our school.”

– Bob, SPP Student